What we planning to do with GREEN Token?

Reach TOP Google positions!

We have enough SEO experience to step by step beat 1st Position. Or at least, to try it, and show results to our GREEN Token holders.

Our current 6 months result

For fresh charts
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Pay reward for Affiliates and Partners

Also we planning to do such list of digital things

  • Landing page with automatic buying Green Tokens with ETH
  • Automatic display of current position from 10 to 1
  • API service for an external exchanges and wallets
  • White Label service for an external exchanges
  • White Label service for an external Multi Wallets
  • Modified first post of ANN topic
  • Faucet for Green Token
  • PayPal, Visa, MasterCard for Withdraw
  • Mobile App for Android (WebView)
  • Mobile App for IOS
  • White Paper
  • Support Center for Token Holders
  • FAQ for Token Holders
  • Visa/MasterCard to buy Cryptocurrency - 25000$ fee
  • Marketing tasks: Signups, Reposts, Likes, Views
  • Advertising tasks: Banners, Links, Articles, PPC
  • Hire Airdrop/Bounty manager
  • Decentralized Exchange Node for Ethereum and its Tokens - 395$
  • Get Listed on CoinMarketCap
  • Get Listed on popular crypto exchange with highest daily turnover

Plan MAX

and do few cool things

  • Green Renewable Energy.
  • Zero Carbon Electricity, Ecological Fuel.
  • Green Power Engines(WIG craft industry).
  • International Blockchain Seeds Bank and Exchange.
  • Global Climate Change Research Center.
  • Waste Processing Plants.
  • Earth Resources Smart Management.

Where you can spend GREEN Token after?

On a wide list of services:

  • Discount on listing your token/coin on our exchange (soon)
  • Get better rate on cryptocurrency exchange
  • Discount on your own exchange setup
  • Discount on SEO services
  • Advertising on How To Project, that has more than 30 000+ pages
  • Create WIG craft water/air transport industry, create more than 100 transport lines between islands and accept Green Token as payment for tickets
Check this list for updates

Exchanges, where GREEN already ready to trade:

Access with MetaMask or TrustWallet. Always check our contract address:

SEO Milestones

Reach TOP3 Google result with next CAP:


190$ collected from: 200$
Current place: 12
crypto exchange online

Cap needed: 50$
Current place: 25
bitcoin exchange online

Cap needed: 50$
Current place: 9
bitcoin instant exchange

Round: 4
Cap needed: 100$
ltc exchange

Round: 5
Cap needed: 75$
tron trx exchange

Round: 6
Cap needed: 50$
cryptocurrency exchange online

Round: 7
Cap needed: 50$
instant cryptocurrency exchange

Round: 8
Cap needed: 50$
cryptocurrency exchange rate

Round: 9
Cap needed: ?$
--more than 10 000 keywords ready--

Round: ?
Cap needed: ?$
cryptocurrency exchange

Digital Milestones

CAP needed to made next digital things:


0$ collected from: 500$
GREEN Token Faucet
will be available here

Cap needed: 5 000$
email subscription tool
with referral program

Cap needed: 25 000$
VISA & MasterCard acceptance

Round: ?
Cap needed: ?$
--goal will be available soon--

Small attachment for our Green Community

This how looks our Planet from the space (2 minutes only)

Now GREEN Token price is 16+ Times higher from starter.

If you miss your chance to buy GREEN Token earlier we propose - a reward, that depends on amount of transaction:

Amount from: 0.10ETH reward 50% of GREEN Tokens (1.5x)

Amount from: 0.50ETH reward 100% of GREEN Tokens (2x)

Amount from: 1.00ETH reward 500% of GREEN Tokens (5x)

Amount from: 5.00ETH reward 900% of GREEN Tokens (10x)

Amount from: 20.00ETH reward 1400% of GREEN Tokens (15x)

Just create your order and write to support chat...
By the way, minimal transaction still less than 1$